KYKLO brings unique Web-Commerce Solution to North America
KYKLO brings unique Web-Commerce Solution to North America

KYKLO brings unique Web-Commerce Solution to North America


CORONADO, California — KYKLO, a company dedicated to bringing distributors of automation, electrical and mechanical products to the world of full digitalization, officially launched their North American presence by participating in the Spring AHTD Conference at The Hotel Del Coronado.

Founded by electrical and automation industry veterans, Remi Ducrocq (CEO) and Fabien Legouic (CTO) and based in Bangkok, Thailand, KYKLO provides not only an online experience for distributor customers but a full digital suite of services which includes product content, search engine optimization (SEO), suggested add-on products and an application which enables a seller to assist customers in the selection of complex electrical and automation products.

Both KYKLO co-founders attended the meeting to meet members first hand. Ducrocq stated, “Interacting with the leadership of America’s top automation solution providers was made less daunting by the openness and friendly manners of the people attending. With our shared backgrounds in the industry, we found much common ground and discovered distributors in the U.S. and Canada share many of the same concerns as our existing partners.”

KYKLO’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Fabien Legouic had this to say, “For distributors in the automation, sensing and electrical segment, concerns seem to transcend borders. Customers everywhere compare their service to global giants like Amazon; many seek the advantages of doing business digitally. At the same time, distributors struggle with costs of building a credible presence. The few who have tried went on to discover tremendous costs associated with maintaining up-to-date catalogs online. Our conversations with AHTD members reinforced our belief that distributors in North America need our unique approach.”

KYKLO’s Asian customers have seen fast success from the company’s approach, “When we pitch distributors on why they should digitize their sales operations, it is first about how you get your existing customers online. So you shift your business from offline to online and by doing so you’ll get better satisfaction and you’ll be able to saturate your customer base.” Ducrocq said, pointing out that the service has helped some distributors add 20 percent more sales from existing customers.

KYKLO ( was founded by two former Schneider Electric employees in 2015. Based in the heart of downtown Bangkok, the company currently employs over 35 in-house engineers, the majority of whom brings backgrounds from the electrical and automation industry. KYKLO products have been applied to dozens of distributors in Asia and the company has been named a Global Partner by Schneider Electric to provide distributors throughout the world with a best-in-class system. KYKLO was recently recognized and featured in an article by TechCrunch, the magazine devoted to breaking news in the tech industry.

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