Davis Controls Testimonial - Neil Montgomery
Davis Controls Testimonial - Neil Montgomery

Davis Controls Testimonial - Neil Montgomery

Davis Controls selected KYKLO as our partner in moving toward distributor digitalization. I thought it appropriate to share my thoughts, impressions and ultimately my appreciation of their work.

I originally met the KYKLO Founders during a brief encounter at the Association for High Technology Distribution (AHTD) Spring Meeting in 2018. It wasn’t until the Fall Meeting that I decided to spend 30 minutes with them during one of the breaks. The meeting set my wheels in motion. Shortly after the meeting, Davis Controls signed a contract with KYKLO. Here’s why.

I know the current and certainly the next generation of engineers and other customers shop online. They don’t expect to have to go to a brick and mortar store to get what they need. With a click of a button, they’re able to get not just generally what they need, but precisely what they need. If they can do it in the B2C space, I know we will do it in the B2B space.

This generation of up-and-comers are beyond launching their careers. They have worked their way into important roles. They are making buying decisions every day. If we aren’t visible in their space, Davis Controls will miss out.

We are all looking for ways to improve our business, increase revenues and ultimately strengthen our bottom lines. Davis Controls, like most in our industry, has tried a lot of things, but they’re not different things. This is key.

Large electrical wholesalers have been experimenting with webstores for quite a while, spending millions in the process. Some have produced cool web presences; others missed the mark. Davis Controls needed to not only catch up, we needed to do it better. If we didn’t, we might lose traction and possibly customers. KYKLO appeared to have exactly what we needed to do all these things; and quickly.

KYKLO provides more than just a webstore. They provide a turnkey system with product content, search engine optimization and all the customization a person would ever need. They work fast and they have put together several tools to accelerate collaboration with clients.

Within three months, KYKLO helped us create a brand-new web site. It was done with both on-site meetings and webinars with their team in Paris and Bangkok. They happily accommodated our schedule in Canada with meetings first thing in the morning for us - around midnight for them.

The KYKLO team, and we have worked with seven or eight of them, is full of helpful, bright and technically knowledgeable people. From the beginning, they answered our questions, told us exactly what they could do as well as what they could not do. We set a timeline and I’m proud to say we’ve met that timeline 100 percent.

Throughout out dealings with KYKLO, I have made many pleasant discoveries. KYKLO provides us with complete control over the products displayed to customers. Our industry is full of supplier overlaps. Sometimes these are the source of conflict. While KYKLO’s extensive library of catalog items (SKUs) is all encompassing, the distributor can select which products are displayed via the webstore. This allows you to show only the items you want to sell and support.

KYKLO can create literally thousands of new product SKUs every week. We had a couple of product lines which are not common with other distributors in our industry and KYKLO agreed to add them. The products are now in place and we have a special collaboration tool which allows us to change priorities for product lines and track the progress in their creation. To date, every commitment has been met like clockwork.

Since we do business across Canada, this means we need our website and webstore in both English and French. KYKLO’s ability to provide content in multiple languages really proved valuable. While we had to fine tune a few of the words from Parisian French to Canadian French, the swift conversion was smooth and our site offers up its content to Canadians from coast to coast.

Low hanging fruit was the most pleasant surprise. KYKLO’s search engine work is exceptional. They really move you forward on the internet search list. Customers and potential customers find us; and we find them. Each time someone we don’t know comes to our site, a new sales lead is created; whether they make a purchase at that time or not. This must be part of every small distributor’s plan.

If you are a small automation or related product distributor, I would heartily recommend investing a few minutes with the KYKLO team. What you learn could forever change the direction of your business.

Neil Montgomery
Davis Controls Ltd.

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