KYKLO Celebrates Our Women in Engineering
KYKLO Celebrates Our Women in Engineering

KYKLO Celebrates Our Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering at KYKLO June 23rd was Women in Engineering Day. International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) is a special day for women engineers to celebrate their achievements. Possibly more important, it is a day for those who work with these talented folks to recognize the contribution of their female colleagues.

We at KYKLO are blessed with a great engineering team. Further, 11 of the 21 members of this team are women. Why is that a big number? Globally women engineers only make up around 22% of the workforce. In Asia, where our engineers are located, that number is a staggering 11%. We are proud of our team and equally proud of our ability to attract and retain some of the most talented women on the planet (KYKLO has women engineers from three different continents).

To commemorate the day, we decided an interview a couple of members of our team would be appropriate. Considering KYKLO came into existence in 2015, both are long-time employees with four and six years of experience. Allow us to share a few of their comments.

Elle joined KYKLO four years ago because she wanted to work in a technology company. Prior to joining our organization, Elle worked in a manufacturing/factory environment. She describes her experience: “I used to work in a factory for a multi-national manufacturer. The culture was different. I was one of just a few female engineers on the team and the youngest engineer, as well. Overall, my experience was good because I had the opportunity to learn about complex machinery and automation.”

Pia began her work with KYKLO in 2016, less than a year following the company’s launch. Pia said, “I wanted to work at a start-up company and discovered KYKLO. The fact that we are an international company will provide me with many future opportunities for career and personal growth.”

Both women like the KYKLO environment. Elle says, “Joining our company was different as we have a lot of female engineers in the team. I found this very, very cool. It is a fun and friendly culture, and we get to work with talented people from many different countries and backgrounds.” Pia added, “I enjoy my role and there is space to improve your skills. For example, I have learned more about engineering, coding, and analytics than when I started. My boss is the kind of mentor everyone looks for in their career. And my colleagues are kind and support one another which illustrates our culture.”

Each of these ladies had advice to pass along to other women considering a career in engineering.


“The best advice I could give young girls who want to become an engineer is this, develop your passion for engineering, have a positive attitude, and always be ready and willing to learn.”


“Everything in engineering is about learning and practices. Nothing is too hard when you put enough energy into each try. I graduated from the Faculty of Liberal Arts but came to the engineering field by chance, but totally enjoy it. This was especially true when I started to recognize electronic components for both their composition and function. I believe, you too will enjoy the process.”

Join KYKLO in Celebrating the Accomplishments of Women Engineers If you are a women engineer, we salute you. If you work side by side with one of these fine ladies, pause for a moment and think about how they enrich your life. If you are a young woman thinking of a career in engineering, allow us to provide you our heartfelt encouragement. And finally, if you are a KYKLO partner or client, ponder this, over half of the engineering that goes into your system was developed by a female member of our team. Until next time, join us in commemorating the females in science – women engineers.

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