June 2020 Newsletter: KYKLO chooses Buffalo for US Headquarters.
June 2020 Newsletter: KYKLO chooses Buffalo for US Headquarters.

June 2020 Newsletter: KYKLO chooses Buffalo for US Headquarters.

Open for business… What a feeling. After nearly four months, and what seemed like an eternity, New York is finally opening some doors. While the march to normalcy isn’t moving forward as most of us would like, we are starting to feel the progress. With this in mind, now might be a good time to brief you on KYKLO’s immediate future.

After several months of searching and reviewing nine cities across the country, KYKLO has selected Buffalo, New York to host their North American headquarters. Why Buffalo? First, the location topped the list on quality of life; things like safety, affordability, education, attractiveness and ease of doing business. In addition, after geo-pinning hundreds of the distributors across the country, we discovered Buffalo offered easy connections to large concentrations of our kind of distributors.

Buffalo is centrally located to many US-based distributors; close proximity to Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus, Indianapolis, Manhattan, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. Further, it provides easy access to the Canadian market as well, it’s an easy drive to Toronto, which happens to be North America’s fastest growing city.

We liked Buffalo because the people mirror our client base. It’s a Mid-Western, blue collar industrial city with a culture naturally blending with our way of doing business. We totally appreciate the motivation and work ethic. If you haven’t noticed, we’re not trying to become the next Silicon Valley phenomenon or the darling of the Manhattan financial world. Instead, we are striving to be a tool for the hardworking folks of independent distribution.

Who will be housed in the North American Headquarters?

KYKLO is recruiting for the following positions in Buffalo:

  1. Sales staff (inside and outside)
  2. Account Managers/Project Managers
  3. Technical Support/Consultants
  4. Marketing

New KYKLO employees will have Industry Experience.

Our core strength comes from our staff engineers. The majority have worked for a distributor or vendor in the lines of trade we support. This allows us to both know our customers and understand the needs of our customer’s customers. Simply stated, we know how the industry works.

We intend to follow that model as we ramp up our North American team. KYKLO will be specifically targeting people who have worked inside the B2B space; especially those with experience in small to mid-sized companies. Why the focus on employees in this strategic size range? We have discovered the people at our clients are forced to “wear many hats” and handle problems on their own often without extensive resources. Day after day, our kind of people go head-to-head with large corporations and come out on top because they have learned to be nimble on their feet and resourceful in their thinking.

When our founders envisioned the company back in 2015, their goal was to provide a tool that would level the playing field for the independent distributors. These are the folks who serve as the battle-hardened backbone of our industry. The Mega distributors and their allies have millions of dollars and hundreds of people to throw onto eCommerce initiatives and are determined to use this tool to put independent distributors in peril. We’ve achieved the goal of making things fair. Now we’re working on skewing the table in our client’s favor.

Strategic growth required more people.

KYKLO is poised for growth this means: more products, new technologies covered and lots of new client distributors. Our strategy is to anticipate the future. It’s impossible to snap your fingers and instantly catch-up to our client’s customer needs. We’ve got to develop now for future needs. Our strategic plan goes like the old add campaign, We’re engineering tomorrow – today.

Because you are probably wondering.

Fun Facts About Buffalo

  1. According to National Geographic, Buffalo is the #3 City in the World for Food and we’re not just talking about Buffalo Wings.
  2. Smart-asset, a website devoted to helping people make good financial decisions, listed Buffalo as a Top 10 City for Career Opportunities.
  3. Realtor.com named Buffalo as the Numero Uno Millennial Homebuyer Market in America.
  4. Entrepreneur.com says Buffalo is the #2 most booming start-up ecosystem in the US.
  5. Travel and Leisure named Buffalo the #1 “Friendliest City” in America.
  6. Forbes claims Buffalo is the 10th happiest city to work in. They also named the unhappiest, but we are sworn to secrecy.
  7. Citrix research indicates Buffalo is the 11th best place for women executives. We think that’s really cool.

Just for the record our new office location.

77 Goodell Street
Suite 440
Buffalo, NY 14203

It’s totally cool. A historic converted warehouse which is part of the new Buffalo project. The space is walking distance to shops, restaurants, the train line and the Buffalo theater district.

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