September 2020 Newsletter: Five Years of Distributor Digitalization.
September 2020 Newsletter: Five Years of Distributor Digitalization.

September 2020 Newsletter: Five Years of Distributor Digitalization.

Pausing from a series of excitingly busy days (weeks, months and, even years), we realized KYKLO is another year older. We have reached a milestone; five years of KYKLO. We could insert any number of old cliches:

  • Time passes quickly when you’re having a good time…
  • It seems like only yesterday…
  • Tempus fugit, Time flies…
  • In the wink of an eye, it was gone…

Back in 2015, when Remi and Fabien had the idea to help distributors digitize their business, they had no idea as to how the plan would take them from Bangkok to Buffalo, New York and all parts in between. Along the way, the company has grown, expanded and attracted the attention of thought leaders in the world of eCommerce. Better yet, KYKLO has built personal and professional friendships with scores of new folks around the globe. And, more importantly, our offering has become increasingly resilient.

KYKLO has expanded the number of manufacturers/suppliers we support – Currently 97 companies.

We have grown the number of SKUs in our product library to over 2,5000,000.

The number of SKUs added still pushes well over 12,000 per week.

Our North American office is currently staffed; 6 people.

KYKLO’s vision of the future remains the same. Distributors must digitize their selling process to better serve customers and our mission to provide the tools to make it happen quickly and without a large supporting staff has become even more important.

In candid conversations with distributors and their supply-partners we continue to hear things like this, “In the not too distant future, eCommerce will be as essential as salespeople, support staff and inventory.” Some have even put a date-stamp on the “not to distant future” adding, “By 2025, we will not have any channel partners who don’t provide their customers with a web-based product selection tool.” A few of our clients have even said, “We only wish our KYKLO effort had started a year sooner.”

We are excited that everyone in the whole supply chain is excited by the prospects of eCommerce and Distributor Digitalizaton.

The best news of the year is that supply partners are moving to assist their distributors in developing a web-based business model. KYKLO has signed several corporate agreements with major client supply partners. These agreements will allow KYKLO to provide even better content, provide enhanced digital marketing for the manufacturer, and pave the way for the costs of distributor digitalization to be shared back with the manufacturers. We will be pushing out an announcement on these groundbreaking agreements in the next few weeks but wanted to share this today.

Our hearty thanks…

We are proud of what we have done over the past five years. But rest assured, none of this would have been possible without your support, help and encouragement. Returning to our earlier comment, KYKLO has been blessed with friends, great friends, over the past handful of years. We hope you will join us in contemplating this accomplishment. And, we hope you will join us in celebrating future breakthroughs in the future.

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