Stay positive stay healthy, and focus.
Stay positive stay healthy, and focus.

Stay positive stay healthy, and focus.

First and foremost, we here at KYKLO hope you and yours are staying safe during this uncertain time. Over the last weeks, your inbox has been flooded with strategies on how to work from home. But, KYKLO would rather pose a different question:

What should you be doing?

Our answer is pretty simple . . . put on your work boots, throw on those jeans that you don’t mind getting dirty, and dust off that checkoff list you’ve been meaning to get to for the last (fill in the months or years here).

You finally have the time to dust off the honey-do list and fix that leaky faucet in the bathroom. Finally, there is time to go through the closet and see which clothes you could donate. Painting the family room walls might come next. And, now time for all those things that you know you SHOULD be doing.

For AHTD distributors, days are filled with meetings of all varieties. Most of us spend hours looking at the world through a windshield, not to mention the other 431 ½ things you juggle. But, let’s step away and contemplate one simple truth . . .

We rise to greatness.

  • 1346, the “great plague” which wiped out some 60% of Europe gave birth to the modern era and gave us better wealth distribution, higher wages, stronger focus on medicines, longer lives, and an end to serfdom.
  • 1809, the tin can was invented to help save thousands of soldiers from dying of starvation due to food spoiling.
  • 1918, Influenza wiped out 50 million people but along the way we implemented mass production and increasing our manufacturing efficiency by 43%.
  • WWII, a worrisome mother from Illinois created duct tape for her two sons serving in the Navy.
  • 1962, Americans were so afraid the Soviets would wipe out our telephone and military communications, scientist stated one of the most important needs for the US was a “intergalactic computer network.” Today we call it the internet.
  • 2003, SARs pandemic saw the rise of large eCommerce giants.

When things are at their worst, we innovate, we solve, we evolve, we rise. These were just a few of many examples that proven this important point.

COVID-19/Coronavirus and the United States

The United States has not hit the “peak” of the virus. Hopes are rising summer temperatures will cause the virus may lose power. Looking at Thailand with its perpetual summer and a COVID outbreak, maybe we should not hold our breath.

Dozens of articles talk about post-pandemic life and the impact on future life. Tele-medicine, virtual education, changed dietary habit and eCommerce are breakthroughs which keep people safer and provide life changing benefits.

History repeats itself; pandemics = social evolution.

Kids are logging into classes from home. Governments are passing regulations making it easier for doctors to meet with patients through web applications. And, folks are visiting historical museums around the world from the comfort of their home. Online purchasing is up drastically across the board in nearly every industry.

Here’s recent example. The SARs virus impacted just 8,000 people (COVID-19 has hit 2 Million). But the virus expanded online shopping … A LOT. Alibaba (which at that time was strictly B2B) grew 50% during the SARs outbreak and created a spin off company for customer-to-customer (C2C) transactions (Taobao). Did people stop using those platforms after SARs? Just 15 years later, Taobao is the number one C2C platform in the world, surpassing eBay, and Alibaba is only second to Amazon.

After pandemics, economies have very strong growth years. Now is the time to prepare yourself for that period.

What is on your professional to-do list?

No matter what is on your home and work to-do list, it is time to create some priorities. We think eCommerce should be one of those priorities.

KYKLO has been helping distributors across the world with their digital journey. Our unique solution, which has an initial launch time of just 30 days, gives you best-in class product content with a B2B platform focusing on three main points:

  • 1) Make it easier for your existing customers to do business with you (better product content, customer specific pricing, B2B specific features).
  • 2) Give your inside/outside sales staff a digital knowledge library and tool that will allow them do business more efficiently, even whether working from home or in the field.
  • 3) Optimize your digital presence for the best possible online visibility.

If going digital or enhancing your digital presence is part of your strategy, KYKLO can explain how it works via a short webinar.

No matter what the case, stay positive, stay safe, and focus

Optimize, Improve, Grow your business starting today.