August 2020 Newsletter: Vacation Time.
August 2020 Newsletter: Vacation Time.

August 2020 Newsletter: Vacation Time.

It’s the end of a tough day. Lately it seems like every day sets a new worlds record for issues. Your head barely touches the pillow before you drift off into deep slumber. In what seems like 10 minutes, your tumultuous dreams include an eerie sound from outer space. The sound grows louder; to the point of annoyance. You crawl out of your comfortable coma to discover the alarm chirping and the sheet wrapped strangely around your head. Ah, the start of another day.

Shuffling to the kitchen, you load up with a steaming cup of coffee and settle in for a fresh dose of caffeine. Silently sipping your coffee, you begin to plan your day. There’s a lot going on, coronavirus or no. In fact, the current situation is driving your team crazy. Customers who normally purchase hundreds of items at a time are gathering increasingly more product data. They are checking stock and inquiring about all levels of what we might call in pre-COVID days, minutia. Then it dawns on you—a couple of your people are out on vacation.

August lies smack dab in the middle of prime vacation season. According to experts nearly 70 percent of the workforce takes vacation during the months of July and August. While the coronavirus pandemic impacts where people go on vacation, it doesn’t seem to affect the numbers of people not working. If yesterday was hectic, today will be a heart attack stress test. It’s not even 7:00 AM and your day is already headed in the wrong direction.

We at KYKLO are former automation people. Most of our clients sell or are deeply involved in automation. This brings us to one of the selling points used for advanced automation and robotics. Robots are getting better with time. They don’t get tired, they don’t find new jobs. And, the real kicker is, Robots never go on vacation.

Reports from the field point to lots of time consumed taking care of simple stuff. Customers really are checking through product data with greater intensity than in pre-Corona days. Experts tell us some COVID-based habits will linger with us long after the virus dissipates.

Distributors who offload some of their work to automation, like KYKLO, will be better positioned to cope with the demands of the future. Data served, questions answered, and orders received automatically. Minutia will be handled, freeing your team to do what they do best – provide real solutions.

Thinking further about lingering aftereffects of our pandemic, many companies indicate they may never return from their “work from home” policies. There will be more of our customers working from home, and working around schedules which involve kids, spouses and other distractions. Simply stated, a good many of our customers will have flexible schedules. Some will start early, we heard from one person who has adapted to a 5:00 AM start time. Others will work late, extending their workday till 7-8:00 in the evening or later.
KYKLO is a 24x7 solution to customer’s needs for information, checking stock and placing orders. Regardless of your team’s work schedule, you will still be there for your customer.

Now is the time to get your customers into your KYKLO webstore. We can help you plan a strategy for integrating this sales tool into your salespeople bag of tricks. If you don’t have a great e-commerce system, give us a call. We’ll tell you why so many of your counterparts around the country have selected KYKLO.

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