May 2020 Newsletter: What has KYKLO been up to?
May 2020 Newsletter: What has KYKLO been up to?

May 2020 Newsletter: What has KYKLO been up to?

Like you, we’ve been on the phone a lot lately. The conversation usually goes something like this:

      Me: Thanks for taking my call. How have you been? Corona-crud free; I hope.

      Client: Doing well. No virus, but sure getting tired of the same old quarantine routine.

      Me: No kidding! Aside from sheltering in place, what have you been up to?

      Client: Well, you know a lot of my work continues regardless of the situation. We are redoing parts of our office to allow better social distancing. And, at home, my wife has been supervising my efforts to redo the basement. How about you?

      Me: Well, let me think. Sheltering in place, doing lots of video conferences and have a few things happening with the team.

So, what’s going on with the KYKLO team?

For some reason, and I cannot say precisely why, I never get around to saying exactly what we’ve been doing. Perhaps, it’s because it happens regularly. Maybe we take our promise of continued progress for granted. But allow me to give you the full report.

KYKLO has created approximately 1.1 Million new SKUs since the first of the year. A goodly number of them were created since the onset of the pandemic (which hit Thailand a full month ahead of North America).

We’ve enriched and improved product content in the following product lines.

  1. ABB Jokab Safety Products
  2. ABB Contactors
  3. Banner Sensors
  4. Festo Pneumatic Air Prep.
  5. Mitsubishi Contactors
  6. Mitsubishi PLCs
  7. MSA Gas Detectors
  8. Siemens SCALANCE
  9. Siemens SITOP
  10. SMC Actuators
  11. SMC Pneumatic Valves
  12. Patlite Lights
  13. Wago Automation and Connectivity
  14. Wago Relays

We added easy to use product selectors to the following: Mitsubishi contactors, Schneider Electric contactors and Turck sensors. Brian Beaulieu made the comment, that during these times customers are looking to avoid risk. A product selector minimizes the novice customer’s risk in selecting the right product for the application.

On top of all that, KYKLO has also created “standard content” which is not as nicely enriched as the content typically provided. This is based on manufacturer’s price lists and is designed in a way that enables customers to do a simple catalog number search on products which have not yet been fully developed. If KYKLO doesn’t have the content fully developed, customers can still find their way to products. We feel this avoids “buyer drop off” on items yet to be fully developed.

As of right now, we have developed standard content for nearly 30 new brands. The enriched versions will follow, but customers will be happy to find price and short descriptions for products they are already familiar with and buy.

A parting thought.

Now is a great time to onboard all your customer on your solution. We are available and would like to hear from you. Just shoot us a message or give us a call. We are 100 percent Corona-free and ready to help.


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