Senior Customer Success Manager

Location: Buffalo, N.Y.
Type: Full-Time
Starting Date: Summer 2022
Reporting To: Head of Customer Success



  • Gartner, a world-leading research, and consulting company, named KYKLO a “Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce.” We are also a 43N semi-finalist, have been nominated as one of the top 10 start-ups in Southeast Asia, and in 2020, made Buffalo our US home! Now we need you to join our KYKLO family!
  • Our vision is to become the #1 B2B platform in the world for content and B2B ecommerce for distributors and manufacturers.
  • Our mission is to get the electrical industry online!
  • At KYKLO, we provide our customers (electrical, industrial, and mechanical distributors) the best plug and play software platform, backed with great UI/UX and first-class SEO enriched technical content.
  • KYKLO enables customers to drive efficiency by automating and/or enhancing different business processes such as quotations, order management, product information management, and complex B2B pricing methods.

About Your Role

We are looking for individuals that love to help customers reach their full potential and thrive developing from Small to Mid-Size Organizations (SME) to Large multi-billion-dollar organizations. The role of Senior Customer Success will be to focus a majority of their efforts on select accounts (smaller number of accounts, with more complexity or strategic value). You should be an autonomous worker who loves to work within all levels of an organization and alongside 3rd party suppliers.

Your role will be to:

  • Once a customer is signed, on-board the customer through an in-person visitation and webinar sessions.
  • Help customers engage with their end-user base to further along their digital journey, focusing on training and adoption.
  • Support customers and 3rd party system integrators through the integration process for the KYKLO SOM and their ERP solution.
  • Keep strong relationships at all levels of the customer organization with direct touch points with their top management and maintain that customer at a healthy level, minimizing risk of churn.
  • Comply with KYKLO sales systems and processes.
  • Routinely provide as-needed training and consultation to make sure that customers are grasping the KYKLO SOM platform and are becoming autonomous.
  • Travel as needed (3-5 days per month on average).
  • Here are some of our expectations for this role:

    • 95% of customers are active: have daily use of the platform, understand the benefits of the platform, and our customer promote the platform to their peers.
    • Out of the top 50 end-users (customers of our customers), 80% of them are aware of the platform, know how to use the platform, and have their information set inside the platform.
    • 100% of your customer base has integrated their ERP system, or is planning to integrate their ERP system with KYKLO within 6 months of deployment.
    • 5% or less churn rate YoY.
    • After 1.5 years on the KYKLO platform, 100% of your accounts are autonomous.

Skills and Experience

  • At least 10 years of overall work experience.
  • At least 5 years of experience in technical/software/tech operations-based roles. (Technical Support, Customer Support, Account Management).
  • At least 2 years of experience in direct customer interaction roles in B2B dealing with key/strategic or technically complex customers/projects.
  • An ability to feedback to KYKLO leadership where customers are and the reason why they are at that level.
  • Ability and track record of change management.
  • Ability to tailor benefits to a different personas inside a customer organization.
  • A willingness and ability to challenge all levels of an organization while positioning themselves as a trusted advisor.
  • A background coming from a B2B industry dealing with distributors, ERP systems, software project implementation, change management is highly advantageous.
  • Being able to keep projects moving forward, holding people accountable, defining an action plan with deliverables and clear timeframes.
  • Proven ability to deploy a project while mixing both internal and external people (3rd parties). Converting people to partners.
  • A willingness and ability to have technical savviness of the KYKLO SOM Platform. Articulate technical features into business processes while mastering the related business benefits.
  • Being a dynamic coach and motivator at all levels while using a combination of enthusiasm, technical knowledge, understanding of customer needs, and motivation to achieve one’s goals.
  • Define and manage customer expectations to ensure that goals are shared and that both sides view the relationship as partners in success.
  • Ability to take local initiatives to accelerate, when necessary, the progression of a customer. Using outside of the box thinking and cultural awareness to motivate. (incentives, contests, etc.)
  • An ability to say "no" in a professional manner while prioritizing actions to achieve success levels.
  • An extremely strong background in self-motivation and an ability to not be discouraged = High perseverance.
  • Knowledge of B2B SMEs -retail, distribution is highly advantageous.
  • Someone who has done a software implementation. Such as ERP, CRM is highly advantageous.

Your Benefits

  • NYS tax-exempt role till 2030.
  • Medical, dental, vision fully provided by company.
  • 401(k) plan with company match.
  • Hybrid work location (3/2 office/home) after training.
  • Great salary plus quarterly bonus.
  • Excellent paid-time off program.
  • Casual dress code outside of client meetings.

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