The Leading Digital Product Information
and E-commerce Solution for B2B Manufacturers

Grow your omnichannel footprint,

SEO, and brand equity

Drive the best product discovery

and experience in the industry

Grow your sales by generating

high converting leads

Increase your customer satisfaction

while reducing your operational costs

Manufacturer Challenges

95% of manufacturers have incomplete product content on their web presence

75% of manufacturers don't have individual product pages

95% of manufacturers have a search that doesn't work with key words

90% manufacturers have less than 50% of their US price list searchable on their own website

The KYKLO Solution: Built By The Industry For the Industry

Enriched Product Content

  • We enrich, and maintain your product content based on your suggestions and our expertise
  • We help you taxonomize and normalize your product content faster than anybody else
  • We provide the largest and highest quality product library in the industry - manually built by electrical and automation engineers
  • Your product content will be dynamic, built for SEO, searchability and comparison

Product Information and E-commerce Platform

  • We bring your buyers to products in less than 3 clicks
  • Discover the best in class product information for product discovery powered by search, filtering and product configurators and selectors
  • Allow your B2B buyers to get their customer specific pricing and terms
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We Become an Expansion of your Product and Digital marketing Team

We customize the look & feel to ensure a seamless brand experience with your current website

We help set up your entire product offering, with prices and inventory information

We assist with Pre-registering and onboarding your top buyers

We drive ready-to-buy traffic directly to your webstore

Our Buffalo-based Customer Success Team Works Directly Alongside you to help
Support and Enhance your E-commerce Journey

Experience High Growth in Lead Conversion, Revenue and Brand Equity, while Getting to Market FAST

The KYKLO Solution delivers high converting leads to you by utilizing best-in-class SEO practices. When these buyers land on your website, they are immediately introduced to a best-in-class product navigation experience.

By digitizing order placement and making product information easily accessible, your operational efficiency will increase, as well as your brand equity in your customers eyes.

We do all the heavy lifting for you. We become your digital team, managing product content, product experience, and your online portal.

Whether you want to sell directly to distributors, end-customers, or through channel partners, KYKLO can make it happen!

Partner with the leading digital solution and largest data factory in the automation market, already used by 25% of AHTD members.

Let's Bring Your Business to the Next Level, Together!

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