Best Product Discovery
In the Market Distributed
to your Channel Partners

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Increase Your Online Visibility
with KYKLO's Unequaled Syndication

KYKLO's Syndication solution is unique as it doesn't just take the available content on your
website, reorganize it and distribute it. KYKLO has a team of highly qualified engineers who:

  • Add missing content and technical attributes to the original content
  • Optimize the final content for search and SEO
  • Restructure final content to offer a complete product offering with filters, categories and powerful search

Deliver a first-class customer experience

with the best technical product content available

KYKLO enriched content harmonized

with manufacturer content and taxonomized

Grow your sales by generating

high converting leads

KYKLO manages the content

integration + deployment to distributors

Built BY The Industry FOR the Industry

When syndicating manufacturer’s data, our team of engineers pays attention to the details because they know how their peers spec out products.

We offer:

  • Millions of enriched SKUs
  • Searching that make sense
  • Filters built for easy product selection
  • Connecting products to customers

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