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The Manufacturer Omnichannel Index:

7 Critical Success Factors to Build a Great Customer Experience Online

How can e-commerce help manufacturers offer
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The hesitation to digitize is holding back many manufacturers’ potential for providing a great customer experience (CX) online. Whether your top goal is a shopping or a transaction site, the essence of a good customer experience requires content to be on point or you risk losing your customers to competition.

How can you stand out from the crowd?

In this report, we dive into the components that determine the Online Customer Experience by analyzing over 110 of the largest manufacturers in the electrical and automation sector. You'll discover how many manufacturers fall into the "good to great" category, but also examples of what an exceptional customer experience looks like.

Facts, findings & insights

75% of manufacturers don't have individual product pages

95% of manufacturers have a search that doesn't work with keywords

90% of manufacturers have less than 50% of their US price list searchable on their own website

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The Omnichannel Index report is created by gathering and analyzing publicly available information. No inside or confidential information was used in creating this report. The information is our opinion and should be used as reference only.