Remi Ducrocq

We want to become distributors and retailers' trusted partner in their digital transformation journey. Our product and expert advice will make this change as simple and effective as posible. Helping our partners grow in the digital environment is the reason we wake up every morning.

Remi Ducrocq CEO, KYKLO

Our Story


In an era where technology creates value and simplifies peoples' lives, in 2015 we considered every problem we had faced and witnessed during many years in the electro-mechanical industry and worked to see how technology could solve them.

After all, the indistry has been established for over 40 years but businesses are still operating in traditional ways and are now facing a saturated market. We surrounded ourselves with the best experts in e-commerce, design, software technology and after one year and a half of hard work, we launched KYKLO Sales Operation Management, a product which will change how players in the Electrical, Mechanical and Automation markets engage and make business.


KYKLO comes from the greek word KYKLOS which has two meanings.

The first meaning is circle. Ancient greeks used it to define their circle of influence in politics. We provide technology to help our customers increase their circle of influence. WE GET THEM ONLINE.

The second meaning is our dream. KYKLOS Galactikos means the Milky Way. Our dream is to build the KYKLO Galaxy, which is a platform that will interconnect manufacturers, distributors and end-users with a mix of technology, people and processes.

How do we get an offline industry online? How do we stop using paper catalogues and faxes? The core of the electrical and mechanical industry is technical product. So first, we digitize and enrich product information to make it usable and understandble online. Second, we deploy this information into white label E-shops for our customers. Third, we teach and train their people until they can fly on their own.

Our Leadership Team