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Channel Commerce

Control your product visibility and drive more leads to your channel partners with KYKLO Channel Commerce solution for Manufacturers.

Generate Leads and Drive Sales Across Your Channels!

Maintain a strategic distance from direct selling while actively driving sales-qualified leads to your distributors

Retain control over your online brand presence and product content

Drive more sales-qualified leads through organic searches

Measure and track customer habits thanks to our PowerBI Integration







All the advantages of an e-commerce store for channel-driven organizations

Connecting Products to Customers

Best-in-class SEO-enriched product content built and maintained by KYKLO engineers that drives visitors directly to your product pages. This allows you to control your online brand and integrate with your systems to provide live price, stock, and lead time information.

Easy Distribution to your channel

Utilize our RFQ checkout feature to seamlessly send sales-qualified leads to your chosen channel, aligning with your unique business strategy.

Mitsubishi Cart_edited.jpg

"As a manufacturer of industrial automation and control components, we find KYKLO to be a seamless approach between our distribution channel and the online content we have. KYKLO helps us to build out this WAGO online content. It gives us a full offering of all our products, keeps the content up to date, in an immediate way, for our channel and for our customers. "


John Bukowski

Sr. Channel Director at WAGO

No extra time or resources needed

KYKLO is purposely designed to allow manufacturers to focus on other priorities and does 95% of the work autonomously without sacrificing results.

Understand your customers buying habits

Channel-driven manufacturers usually get little to no info about their end-customer. Thanks to KYKLO Power BI integration, you can now access crucial metrics like customers profile, buying habits or geographical location.

KYKLO Customer Success Story


The platform attracted more than 25,000 unique visitors between 2021-2022.

More than 75% of visitors have come to the platform through organic searches.


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