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Hybrid Commerce

The ultimate commerce solution aligned with your unique sales strategy.

Sell Direct or Through Channels on Your Own Terms

KYKLO's Hybrid Commerce model empowers manufacturers with the flexibility to make strategic decisions based on their unique Go-to-Market circumstances, market conditions, and business goals. "KYKLO's Hybrid Commerce solution can be molded to your current business practices, whether you serve your customers directly or not.


Optimize your branding and product information


Increase your online visibility


Grow your sales

The Flexibility You Need

Optimized Sales and Distribution Strategy

Make strategic decisions based on your unique circumstances, market conditions, and business goals. KYKLO brings the highest flexibility with allowing real-time switch from cart check-out to RFQ checkout, aligning with your sales strategy.

Real-Time Pricing and Inventory

Updating price and inventory information simultaneously across all channels in real-time ensures that your distributor displays accurate/updated list price but also stock levels, combining both their inventory and yours through the Kyklo API.

Risk Diversification

Relying solely on one distribution channel can be risky. A hybrid model helps manufacturers mitigating risks associated with market fluctuations, changing consumer behavior, or disruptions in a specific channel.

Optimized Branding and Product Information

Distributors often don't have the time or resources to best represent your brand on their website. KYKLO Hybrid Commerce solution ensures better product visibility by providing the best product information, aligned with your brand messaging.

KYKLO Customers and Partners

"Our online traffic doubled within just one year."

"KYKLO is actually one of our greatest lead-generation tools. Now, accounting for over 60% of our overall leads by spend. The web store achieved a staggering 30% increase in sales compared to its previous peak."


Troy Sanders

Director of Sales at Fabco-Air


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