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Offer the best product discovery experience to your visitors with KYKLO product Selectors and Configurators.

Make Your Products Findable in Just a Few Clicks

With over 70% of companies facing challenges with their product configurators, it's crucial to offer customers user-friendly tools. As a distributor representing multiple vendors, seamless selector and configurator experience is essential for customers navigating your vast array of SKUs, preventing errors and boosting satisfaction to stay ahead of the competition.

Find the right product in 3 clicks over thousands of Skus

Find the right product in 3 clicks over thousands of Skus

Enhance the online product discovery experience

Enhance the online product discovery experience

Stand out from competition

Stand out from competition

Enhanced Filters and Categories

 Product selectors and configurators need to be designed for your market, your products, and, most importantly, for how buyers search. KYKLO Selectors and Configurators are built by engineers, from the industry, who understand technical products and buyers.

Enhanced Filters and Categories
Enhanced Filters and Categories

Integration with Existing Vendors Configurators

KYKLO seamlessly integrates product configurators already used by our customers or partner vendors. This integration is done automatically, without requiring any action or effort on your part. The goal is to enhance brand alignment and improve the overall customer experience by maintaining consistency with the existing tools used by your vendors.

KYKLO seamlessly integrates product configurators
Schneider Electric KYKLO Configurator
kyklo saves you time and resources

Time and Resources Saving

KYKLO handles the heavy lifting which reduces the need for extensive customer support, order corrections or returns, ultimately saving time and resources for both customers and your business.

KYKLO Customers and Partners

"Our online traffic doubled within just one year."

"KYKLO is actually one of our greatest lead-generation tools. Now, accounting for over 60% of our overall leads by spend. The web store achieved a staggering 30% increase in sales compared to its previous peak."


Troy Sanders

Director of Sales at Fabco-Air


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