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Direct Commerce

Drive the best product discovery and generate more online sales thanks to the best plug-and-play e-commerce platform on the market.

Offer the Best Product Experience with KYKLO Enterprise Solution


Launch your webstore fast, with low resources and an easy implementation

Grow your omnichannel footprint, SEO, and brand equity

Grow your sales by generating high converting leads

Increase your customer satisfaction while reducing

your operational costs

KYKLO Customer Success Story

Online traffic doubled within just one year.

Lead count increased by five times compared to the previous year.

The web store achieved a staggering 30% increase in sales compared to its previous peak.

Full eCommerce

With KYKLO You Get

Fabco-Air Direct Commerce

Enriched Product Content

Our team of SEO specialists enrich and maintain your product content based on your suggestions and our expertise


We help you taxonomize and normalize your product content faster than anybody else


We provide the largest and highest quality product library in the industry - built by our on-staff electrical and automation engineers


Your product content will be dynamic, built for SEO, searchability and product comparison

kyklo built wago product page
kyklo built wago product page

Integrated Price and Inventory Information

Provide real-time price, inventory and lead-time information to your customers with KYKLO seamless integration


Reduce the number of abandoned carts by eliminating surprises at checkout


Significantly reduce the volume of calls and inquiries for your sales teams


Elevated Customer Experience

Seamless and informed online shopping experience, fostering loyalty and trust


Reduced abandoned carts by eliminating surprises at checkout


Provide you sales team and reps with valuable information they can trust

Enhanced Digital Share of Voice

Reinforcing your brand visibility and recognition in the digital space


Improve search engine rankings, making it easier for potential customers to discover your products


Stand out from competition by ensuring informed purchase decisions from your customers

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