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Drive more opportunities for you and your channel partners with digital solutions built for manufacturers.

Average results: 60% increase in traffic, 118% increase in marketing qualified leads, and millions in sales generation.

generate more leads

Generate more marketing and sales qualified leads for your company and its channel partners

Create product data

Create, maintain and share product data easily

rank high in search results

Rank higher (along with my partners) in search results with optimized product content

Make products easier to find.
Generate more sales. Repeat.

Learn how KYKLO empowers manufacturers to thrive in the digital era. Explore our comprehensive solutions designed to streamline operations, enhance product visibility, and drive sales.

fabco product data
Direct Commerce

Sell your product online thanks to KYKLO E-Commerce and product content platform

Channel Commerce

Use KYKLO Lead Generation platform to send sales qualified leads to your channel

Hybrid Commerce

Create your own lead generation strategy by combining Direct and Channel Solutions

Elevate your business and stay ahead of the competition – discover the possibilities at KYKLO

We assist growth-driven manufacturers in generating leads, increasing market share and rapidly maximizing efficiencies by:

Managing your Brand Experience across your and your partners' websites

Boosting the generation of SQLs for both you and your channel partners

Facilitating the creation, maintenance, and distribution of your product data

Enhancing search result rankings, alongside your partners, through optimized product content

KYKLO's The Ultimate Lead
Generation Solution for Fabco-Air

Online traffic doubled within just one year.

Lead count increased by five times compared to the previous year.

The web store achieved a staggering 30% increase in sales compared to its previous peak.


"The best lead-generation tool we've ever developed."

KYKLO has not only developed e-commerce sites for Mitsubishi Electric Automation Distributors but they also developed our webstore, the Mitsubishi Electric Automation webstore, which is the best lead-generation tool we've ever developed.


Jim Brys

Corporate Director of Distribution at Mitsubishi Electric Automation


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