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Attract More Quality Visitors and Generate More Sales with Enriched Product Content

Empower Your Customers with the Most Comprehensive Product Discovery in the Market

Your online success depends almost entirely on the quality of your product data. When you are selling complex, technical products, your online data must be complete, accurate, easily found, and created with today’s technical buyers in mind. This is why you need KYKLO.


KYKLO product content is designed by engineers coming from the industry to help your customers seamlessly find products in only 3-4 clicks from an extensive catalog of millions of options.

Navigate products by specifications and application, not by SKU code.

Our engineered contents is built for major brands, leading in their respective verticals. Together with our platform, our content offers:

Pre-built fast search with spell-checking

Filters to find your exact products with minimum clicks.

Uniform categories, taxonomy and specifications format across all brands.

Complete data across all categories and brands

Recommended accessories and spare parts

Product lifecycle information

Built by the Industry for the Industry

Brand Portfolio pages with Product configurators

Your buyers need detailed product selection experience that allows them to identify and refine their search results quickly. We specialize at normalizing product categories and taxonomies across millions of SKUs so that technical buyers find the products they need without having to talk with a salesperson.

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Complete Product Pages with Accessories and Cross-Selling

Kyklo product pages feature 80 technical attributes per product, including data that’s grouped into categories, attributes and facets for easy filtering of search results. Every SKU features one or more product images that showcase the product and make it easier to find and spec.

Seamless Integration

KYKLO’s unified platform integrates with all your enterprise systems, providing data synchronization and two-way communication between them. This keeps everything up to date in one place and eliminates manual data entry.

KYKLO seamless integrations

Explore Kyklo’s Data Library of More Than 6 Million Skus From More Than 130 Top Brands

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