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    “Vendors Selected for the Cool Vendor Report Are Interesting, New and Innovative

    The webstore and content provider, today announced that it has been named a “Cool Vendor” based on the May 17, 2019 report titled, Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce by Gartner, Inc.”

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The KYKLO Solution: Built By The Industry For the Industry

Enriched Product Content

  • We enrich, and maintain your product content based on your suggestions and our expertise
  • We help you taxonomize and normalize your product content faster than anybody else
  • We provide the largest and highest quality product library in the industry - manually built by electrical and automation engineers
  • Your product content will be dynamic, built for SEO, searchability and comparison

Product Information and E-commerce Platform

  • We bring your buyers to products in less than 3 clicks
  • Discover the best in class product information for product discovery powered by search, filtering and product configurators and selectors
  • Allow your B2B buyers to get their customer specific pricing and terms

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Connect KYKLO
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