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Distributor Commerce+

The only content-driven e-commerce platform for distributors. All without any effort on your part.

Become the #1 provider of the products you sell

KYKLO plug and play eCommerce solution takes on the biggest of challenges on your behalf: creating, updating and organizing content, setting up and maintaining your store.

Provide real-time stock availability and pricing

Get accurate and complete product content

Integrate with your

existing business systems

Give visitors an experience

on par with Amazon

A fully customizable online shop.

KYKLO can provide you with a fully functional web store with your company branding, logos and your product offering. Delivered and operational in a few weeks. No technical skills are required on your end. Instead you focus on your core strengths - building customer relationships and growing sales.

Benefit For Your Business

The simplest, most effective and advanced route to the ever expanding e-commerce market.​

Your products and their specifications are ready to sell.

Content is the key to online business. Most distributors believe they can turn to their manufacturers/vendors for good content, but the results are surprisingly dismal. The truth is most manufacturers do not have files containing the right product descriptions, proper pictures or other sales ready information. With KYKLO your products and their specifications are internet ready and user friendly. The distributor simply selects the products they stock from our extensive database.

Benefit For Your Business

A well-tested and continuously maintained online shop with the right content. We have you covered.​

An online service to manage your business.

KYKLO's B2B web store is more than just a customer shopping experience. We provide additional tools to allow the distributors to better manage their business. Tools included in the package allow you to review orders. customer activity, pricing and quotation - all at no extra cost.

Benefit For Your Business

The first sales "back office" designed specifically for distributors.​

Capabilities and Features

KYKLO e-commerce solution include capabilities specific to manufacturing and tax automation that are in line with your company’s processes and offerings. KYKLO features let you add:

  • PO numbers 

  • Remarks to orders 

  • Payment types

KYKLO Distributor Customers Testimonials

"You support small distributors and our growth"

"People want what Amazon's doing, and there's no denying that. And so the more that we can offer that experience as a small distributor, the more valuable we are.

I think this is the future. Because the hardest thing to do is to keep up with the data. And the data is changing rapidly. And this platform gives us that tool."


Scott Heiling

President at Heitek Automation


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