Manufacturer Omnichannel Index

Where does your manufacturing company rank online?

As we work with distributors across the world to build their online stores, we began to research “up the supply chain” and the results were amazing. We discovered that manufacturers vary greatly in their ability to be searched online. This information has proven to be helpful to us as we develop our platforms and we wanted to share our findings with manufacturers.

As a result, we created the Manufacturer Omnichannel Index to analyze manufacturers omnichannel maturity in the Electrical and Industrial markets and to benchmark the state of manufacturers digital presence today. The Manufacturer Omnichannel Index is the first market specific report, built with a systematic methodology.

Hand picked MANUFACTURERS ASSESSED including players such as Schneider-Electric, Rockwell, ABB, Mitsubishi Electric, Festo...

We have used a detailed methodology to assess the manufacturers online presence based on:

  • Share of voice (SEO)
  • Home page
  • Discovery
  • Advanced discovery for product selectors, configurators, comparators
  • Product content
  • Conversion

Our team of 10 senior engineers — who enriched more than 2.5M SKUs across more than 100 manufacturers — have manually assessed the brands included in this report spending more than 100 hours preparing this.

Facts, findings & insights

75% of manufacturers don't have individual product pages

95% of manufacturers have a search that doesn't work with keywords

90% of manufacturers have less than 50% of their US price list searchable on their own website

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The Omnichannel Index report is created by gathering and analyzing publicly available information. No inside or confidential information was used in creating this report. The information is our opinion and should be used as reference only.