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Brand Experience Syndication

The leading brand + product experience on the market, seamlessly syndicated to your channel partners.

Increase your online visibility and saturate your channels with KYKLO's Unequaled Brand

Experience Syndication

Your smaller distributors may lack the resources to effectively represent your brand online, while larger distributors might not have the time to prioritize your brand among others. KYKLO’s Brand Experience Syndication ensures a cohesive experience across your channel.


Have a unified experience across your channel


Instantly deploy corporate marketing materials throughout your channel


Increase your SEO brand equity


Connect your channel with key information (price list, inventory)


Increase leads at channel partners


Decrease the time it takes to deploy new content

KYKLO bridges the divide between your smaller and largest distributors, providing a unified brand experience and messaging without requiring any effort on their part.

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Brand Portfolio Page

Bring your brand experience to any of your distributor website, big or small, KYKLO customer or not.


Utilizing your predefined product selectors and configurators, visitors can streamline their search, effectively narrowing down their options to find the specific product they need before being redirected to the final product page.


FESTO Brand Experience Syndication

Marcom flagship page

On top of the product selectors and configurators, visitor will encounter a flagship page containing your chosen marketing materials (videos, whitepapers, etc.), prominently featuring brand series, and providing links back to your product configurators.

Final product page

Display the final product page featuring a  detailed image, description, technical specifications, pricing, and inventory details, along with relevant assets. The visitor has the option to add the product to their cart or submit a request for quotation (RFQ).

"We find KYKLO to be a seamless approach."

"As a manufacturer of industrial automation and control components, we find KYKLO to be a seamless approach between our distribution channel and the online content we have. KYKLO helps us to build out this WAGO online content. It gives us a full offering of all our products, keeps the content up to date, in an immediate way, for our channel and for our customers. "


John Bukowski

Sr. Channel Director at WAGO


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