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Content Syndication

Your product content, optimized and enriched for easier discovery, syndicated to your channel partners.

Ensure the Best Product Content Experience Across All Your Channels

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Enhanced and optimized product content delivered to your channel partners the way they want

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Deliver a first-class customer experience with the best technical product content available

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KYKLO manages the content integration + deployment

to distributors

KYKLO's Syndication solution is unique as it doesn't just take the available content on your website, reorganize it and distribute it. KYKLO has a team of highly qualified engineers who:

Great online product content

Add missing content and technical attributes to the original content

Optimize the final content for search and SEO

Restructure final content to offer a complete product offering with filters, categories and a powerful search

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Content Built to be Found

KYKLO's engineers enrich, normalize, search optimize and maintain your product content, without the need of additional resources on your side. KYKLO offers advanced search capabilities with product selectors and configurations specifically built for technical buyers.

Seamless Distribution to Your Channel Partners

KYKLO automatically distributes your product data to your channel partners, in the format they need. Product content integrates with any ERP for seamless, automated and regular updates to your channel partners.

Increased Visibility

Content Syndication empowers you to deliver an optimal product experience to distributors of all sizes, fostering effective representation for those with lower digital maturity, help generating more online leads and stand out from competition.

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