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Simplifying Product Information Management, Enrichment and Deployment, on a Multi-Tenant Platform

User-friendly, efficient, and collaborative approach to data management

Simplifying complex product information management for large offerings where traditional PIMs fall short. With a user-friendly approach, collaboration, and superior distribution outcomes, KYKLO redefines PIM standards.

Efficiently create the best product information including data governance and compliance

Prevent project setbacks and delays by promoting collaboration among implementation teams

No surprise integration and additional systems needed: one solution for PIM, DAM and experience management

Simple, customizable output for all targets: your websites,  your channel partners' e-commerce stores

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Product information is vital because today's commerce is digital, and e-commerce relies on PIM support. Traditional PIM systems and their users often struggle with crcomplex technical products, leading to inconsistencies and complexities in data management, compliance and distribution.


KYKLO provides manufacturers with the flexibility to maintain traditional product offer structures while offering standardized data adapting to evolving user experience needs, including the expectations of the modern customer who prefers independence and digital interactions. This is all accomplished within a proven data design framework and development methodologies.

Built for PIM users by PIM users, for maximum efficiency

KYKLO experienced data specialists are experts in complex technical product content. Our PIM ensures top efficiency for product managers, offering best-in-class product information. Simplified file management to one Excel sheet per brand or business unit, no coding knowledge required.

Plus, your PIM project can start just one single product manager and a KYKLO implementation specialist. KYKLO multi-tenant platform allows to efficiently manage and distribute product information while benefiting from customization options, scalability, and centralized management capabilities.

Avoid PIM project pitfalls

By trusting KYKLO with your PIM needs, you benefit from our extensive industry knowledge, saving your product managers valuable time. We simplify data management with a single user interface page, ensuring consistency and clarity.

With experience from 7M+ existing SKUs across 140+ major brands, our PIM eliminates the guesswork, providing content reference templates for over 1000 product types.

Additionnaly, KYKLO data governance and compliance provide a structured approach to managing digital product content, ensuring that it is accurate, consistent, secure, and compliant with relevant regulations and standards in the industry.

No surprise integration: PIM, DAM, and Experience Management All-in-One

KYKLO PIM seamlessly manages product content, assets, and navigation, from manufacturer marketing messaging blocks to configurator tools, ensuring smooth distribution to different channels.

Effortless Digital Assets Management, built-in KYKLO PIM: Add pictures to products, connect documents, and enjoy high-performance storage and distribution with version control, cache management and metadata tags, ensuring your end-users can download assets at maximum speed.

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Effortless Data Deployment for Your Channel Partners' sites and E-Catalog

Even for external platforms, our solution offers customizable file outputs and real-time API delivery, ensuring your content reaches its destination smoothly, wherever it may be.

Deliver your product information across a multitude of platforms including e-commerce, e-catalogs, marketplaces or datasheets.

Your content reaches its destination effortlessly, whether it's across KYKLO-powered stores or integrated into various marketing materials. With robust search, filters, images, and documentation, your content is designed to drive engagement and conversions.

KYKLO  Customers Testimonials

"You support small distributors and our growth"

"People want what Amazon's doing, and there's no denying that. And so the more that we can offer that experience as a small distributor, the more valuable we are.

I think this is the future. Because the hardest thing to do is to keep up with the data. And the data is changing rapidly. And this platform gives us that tool."


Scott Heiling

President at Heitek Automation


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