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Price Syndication

Use the KYKLO API for real-time syndication of your price list to your channel partners

Unify your pricing experience on all channels. Make real-time deployments.

Price syndication through KYKLO API offers manufacturers the simplest way to share price lists with distributors, requiring no manual effort as the process is fully automated.


Automated Updates


Data Accuracy


Streamlined Customer Experience

With KYKLO You Get

Secured API Integration

KYKLO application can also be integrated with your existing ERP and CRM systems via ERP connectors.


KYKLO API serves as the intermediary through which pricing data is exchanged.


This is the fastest and most secure way of exchanging data as every communication goes through KYKLO API.

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Seamless Updates

Real-time pricing updates effortlessly reach all channels, through API integration, guaranteeing your distributor consistently showcases accurate and up-to-date list prices.

This process ensures that distributors have the most accurate and current pricing information for the products they sell on their e-commerce platforms.


Comprehensive Reporting

The Power BI system is available for everyone who employs a KYKLO-powered website. This integration displays an easy-to-read dashboard to allow a busy user to quickly understand business trends. 


The manufacturer remains informed and up-to-date on the adjustments made across the distribution network with KYKLO's comprehensive summary of all distributors' shops where price updates have been implemented.


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