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KYKLO is a Member of ETIM NA:
ETIM is the international classification standard for technical products.

ETIM International, founded in 2008 to manage and maintain the ETIM model, enables the industry to more easily and clearly identify products used in their operations and has grown into an international movement with participation in over twenty countries.


ETIM facilitates the flow of consistent content throughout the industry and sets an open, global standard for the logical grouping and specification of products.  

Our product information not only aligns with ETIM standards but also goes above and beyond, showcasing KYKLO’s dedication to surpassing industry norms. 

Mary Shaw (Executive Director, ETIM NA)
“We are excited to welcome KYKLO as a solution provider member to ETIM North America, as their support will help with the expansion and adoption of the ETIM model across North America.
Their skill set will help both manufacturers and distributors use the standardized ETIM descriptors to improve their online product discovery, not only in North America but also globally.”

Let's Bring Your Business to the Next Level Together!


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