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KYKLO is a member of NAED!

NAED represents a $72 billion industry with members in 5,100 international locations. We believe we can make a positive impact on the operations of NAED members through our expertise in the electrical industry.

KYKLO is proud to partner with NAED! We're excited to bring fresh ideas to the association and its members. KYKLO makes your products easily discoverable online and provides the best e-commerce solution for both distributors and manufacturers!

Joining this group represents a homecoming of sorts for the KYKLO team.

Both KYKLO founders and many of the engineers working on building product content for KYKLO are veterans of the electrical industry. They understand many of the subtle nuances of the industry including common jargon, product pairings, and which product features are important in the customer search.

kyklo and naed partnering to bring product content to manufacturers and distributors

KYKLO currently works with several distributors and manufacturers who call NAED home. Each of these companies was attracted to KYKLO because of our unique approach to generating enriched and SEO-friendly product content.

KYKLO CEO & Co-Founder, Remi Ducrocq, said: 

kyklo ceo and founder remi ducrocq

“We are honored to be included into the NAED family. From our perspective, the organization has contributed much to the industry. NAED research and benchmarking tools provide members with extraordinary insights into changes in the electrical supply environment. The many training opportunities allow members cultivate future employees. We feel positioned to contribute some of our expertise to the mix. Most of all we are looking forward to making a lot of new friends at the conferences and meetings.”

Let's Bring Your Business to the Next Level Together!


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