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KYKLO is Member of NAHAD

NAHAD is seen as the leading organization providing help and support with the training and education that ensures quality and consistency within the hose industry worldwide. Committed to making sure all members have easy access to the information, news, resources and tools they need to provide outstanding products and service, NAHAD is a group of dedicated hose community members who have pledged to serve on the board.

KYKLO is proud to be a member of NAHAD and provide the necessary tools for the hose industry to reach its full buying potential.

A Warm NAHAD Welcome

Molly Alton Mullins

Executive Vice President at NAHAD

“We are so pleased that Kyklo has joined NAHAD, the premier trade association for manufacturers and distributors of hose and hose accessories, and that they will be attending our upcoming Annual Convention. This gathering brings together close to 1,000 industry professionals for four days of networking, education, and learning about all the great services available in the industry and we love having the opportunity to introduce new companies to our membership base. Welcome Kyklo!”

Let's Bring Your Business to the Next Level Together!


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